My first blog ever…

 I choose this wedding as my first post, because I got to work with two of my favorite vendors. Karin from On location photography as my second shooter and L.A. Fever… with imemory films. The bride Mirela was soo sweet! We told stories,  laughing while we waited for her bridesmaids. All the while,

I was getting some beautiful images.  This was my third Serbian wedding, so I thought I had a pretty good idea what I was in for. Lots of celebrating and dancing, it was a wonderful day with LOTS of opportunity for great pictures.

Bride looking out the window

She is soo ready! 🙂

Bride and groom looking at each other

Right after the ceremony…

bride and grom kissing under veil

Bride kissing groom on the check

sunset, bride and groom

I hope you enjoyed viewing my first post! It was pretty painless, I love talking about photography it is my passion! Please feel free to comment or ask a question, it will make my day. I am always willing to share what I know and help out anyway I can.

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Creative photographer, Live, Love, Laugh... It only gets better! :)
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