Picture Perfect!

 It wasn’t long after hurricane Katrina hit, when I got an email from a bride that said she was coming to Phoenix to get married. When I asked her where she lived, she said New Orleans. Her house was in the middle of all that devastation. She informed me her and her two kids were living on the second floor of her house. Lori’s fiance was in the Army, they hadn’t seen each other in over two weeks. They were making the best of it, but it was wearing on both of them. As I talk to her, this person that I had never met. I found myself rooting for her. As she described what she had envisioned for her wedding and how much it ment to her, I knew I wanted to help.

Bride waiting to get married

Meet Lori, one of the sweetest people ever!

Bride before ceremony

Soo Excited for the big moment! I have to give a big thanks to JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort for upgrading their room for FREE. It was a really nice surprise and Lori and Jody were soo thankful! The Resort was super accommodating all day long, they went out of their way to make sure these two had a very special day!

Bride at window

She was so happy to be here! It was her dream to marry Jody after all they had been through.

Beginning of ceremony

And so it begins!

Bride and groom kiss

The kiss… ❤

wedding rings

It’s official there Married! 🙂 I would also like to give a special thanks to a dear friend of mine, Julie Kay Floral Designs. When I told her the story of these two love birds, she offered to do all the flowers for the wedding at no charge.

Bride and groom signing marriage license

Signing the marriage license.

Portraits of bride and groomHappy as ever!

Bride and groom having fun during portriats

Having some fun!

Bride and groom relaxing

The Day was a total success! It felt so wonderful to be apart of such a romantic love story. I have met a lot of couples and they all have a special place in my heart. Lori and Jody, Thank you for being such an inspiration. It was my honor to shoot your wedding. I’m happy to say after over the 5 years I have known them, they are as madly in love as ever.

Cheers! S.

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